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Authentic Bedouin Thermal Food Container Bag, by Hot Cooker

Authentic Bedouin Thermal Food Container Bag, by Hot Cooker

PriceFrom JD16.000

🔥 Introducing Our Authentic Bedouin Thermal Food Container Bags 🔥

Discover the ancient Bedouin secret to keeping your food deliciously warm and fresh for hours with our handmade thermal food container bags, straight from the heart of Jordan!

🍲 Slow Cooking Magic: Crafted using time-honored Bedouin techniques, these high-quality food containers are designed to maintain the slow cooking process even after the pot is placed inside the bag. This ensures that your meals retain their rich flavors and warmth for an extended period.

🌡️ Unmatched Insulation: Our thermal bags are meticulously crafted to preserve the temperature of your food, guaranteeing that your meals stay hot and fresh for hours, just like the traditional Bedouin slow-cooked delicacies.

🎒 Dual Functionality: Not just a bag, but a versatile thermos too! With a convenient zip closure, these handmade bags not only keep your food insulated but also double as a portable thermos for on-the-go convenience.

✨ Handmade Elegance: Each bag is lovingly handmade in Jordan by skilled artisans, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, making every piece a unique and authentic work of art.

🥘 Elevate Your Culinary Experience: Whether you're camping, on a picnic, or simply enjoying a family gathering, our Bedouin thermal food container bags add an element of tradition and innovation to your dining experience.

🌟 Features:
- Authentic Bedouin craftsmanship
- High-quality materials for supreme insulation
- Zip closure for secure and easy use
- Multipurpose functionality as a food container and thermos
- Handmade in Jordan for unparalleled quality and charm

Revolutionize the way you savor and transport your meals. Embrace the heritage of Bedouin culinary traditions while relishing the convenience of modern thermal technology. Elevate your dining experiences with our handmade Bedouin thermal food container bags, exclusively brought to you from Jordan! 🌄🍽️✨


Available in 3 sizes:

Medium 20*38cm

Large 27*45cm

XLarge 33*55cm 


Also in sets of 3. 

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