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Lavender Serenity Package ( 200ML, 200 ML, 100 ML), by Harmonia

Lavender Serenity Package ( 200ML, 200 ML, 100 ML), by Harmonia


Lavender Serenity Package: Lavender shower gel 200ml, Lavender liquid Hand soap 200ml, Lavender Hand and Body Lotion 100ml.

Is an organic, natural, halal, vegan product since is made with only plant base raw material of Lavender oil. No animal tested.


About this item:

Purple represents the color of the royalty, elegance, refinement and luxury.

This gift package represents the elegance you have to choose the right gift for the right person.

Lavandula angustifolia, Lavender Essential oil calms the skin rash, mosquito’s bites dryness and smooth the skin. In this package you have Lavender Shower gel 200ml, Lavender Liquid Hand Soap 200ml and Lavender Body and Hand Lotion 100ml

Quality ingredients with positive impact and handcrafted. We take pride in making sure we source the highest quality essential oils and ingredients, while making sure they’re having a positive impact on people and the planet

100% handcrafted, so you are taking a product has been made just now!

Customer satisfaction: We always seek to provide the best; you can live your reviews about our products in our social media platform.

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