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The hammered star plate, from Premium Cart

The hammered star plate, from Premium Cart


The hammered star plate is a unique and exquisite piece of art that has been beautifully crafted to create a stunning decorative item. Made from high-quality metal, the plate features a distinct star-shaped design with a raised edge that has been hammered to create a unique texture and pattern.

Surrounding the plate, there is an intricate engraving of an Arabic coffee cup, adding a touch of culture and tradition to the design. The coffee cup is detailed with fine lines and curves, showcasing the artist's talent and attention to detail.

The plate comes with an acrylic cover that is both durable and lightweight. The cover sits snugly on top of the plate, keeping the food safe from dust, while allowing it to be displayed with ease.

Adding to the elegance of the design is a gold copper crescent hand that has been delicately attached to the top of the acrylic cover. The crescent hand is a symbol of beauty and prosperity, and its stunning golden color complements the hammered texture of the plate perfectly.

Material: Aluminum and copper

Size : 42x42 cm

Weight: 1 kg

Color : silver with gold crescent

Package size : 49x49x13 cm

Price 55 jd

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