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Aromatic Vinegar, from Paladar

Aromatic Vinegar, from Paladar

PriceFrom JD8.000

Ingredients: Grape white vinegar with aromatic fresh herbs 

• Grapes contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

• They are responsible for protecting and restoring damaged cells

• Quercetin, another natural anti-inflammatory in grapes, can also slow cancer growth

• reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Apart of the benefits vinegars have, we added value to it with the aromatic herbs as rosemary, lavender, basil, lemon, ginger, kumquats, etc. each of them have their own properties to help our bodies to feel better and gain health. 

Rosemary: help in the physical part with the blood circulation, memories fogs, clarity of mind, 

Emotionally you will feel energetic, dynamic, and positive. 

Basil: help in the physical body with migraine, loss of appetite, mental alert, acne

Emotional part: help to cheer you up and feel happy. 



250 ML 8 JDS

500 ML 14.89


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