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Welcome Ramadan!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Ramadan, this holy month, brings families together and curries feelings of warmth all through the blessed month. It is a month not only for fasting…it is when empathy and love prevails… it brings all the peoples of the Islamic world together.

Traditions of Ramadan are cherished in every house. Adults put an extra effort to decorate the house and prepare the yummy food. Children love the family gatherings, but they especially love the anticipation of new clothes and the gifts that they receive from members of the family. They also look forward to the school holiday by the end of Ramadan, not to mention the special outings along with the treats and sweets.

Buying locally has been one of the aims of the Virtual Bazaar, let us all be mindful, especially during Ramadan, to buy from the local vendors… there are so many items that are done beautifully by talented local people. Our gifts should not only be for family members, buying from local businesses is a gift to our community and our dear country.

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Enjoy Ramadan and #yallashoplocal

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