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Virtual Bazaar is Recognized as Supporting Local Products

On November 30, 2021 the Virtual Bazaar team was invited to a meeting with Her Majesty Queen Rania, together with 9 other local activists promoting Jordanian products and supporting small local businesses.

Virtual Bazaar is a private initiative, was launched in 2020 to give small local businesses the space to sell online through the online marketplace as well as Showrooms. We implemented several technologies while searching the best and easiest way to sell online. For example, video rooms were a great way to interact with the buyers.

Virtual Bazaar is currently hosting about 60 businesses, with their pages (Showrooms) and online store and continue growing. We run Verification process in order to make the shoppers' experience better and help the vendors to improve. Our online store and offline popup events are always the places where one can find high quality local products.

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