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Virtual Bazaar - a new concept of online shopping

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

2020 was challenging. At the beginning of the holiday season we had to think of a safe shopping or to find a NEW way of shopping. Online shopping is still developing in Jordan and is not easy for many. So we thought of something more simple than an online-shop. A place that could give more of a ‘real’ shopping experience. This is how the idea of the Virtual Bazaar was found. is the first in Jordan interactive platform, which became an online marketplace for many local vendors. The Virtual Bazaar hosts the online events, and the upcoming is the Big Christmas Fair, on December 3-4. For many home-based and small businesses the Virtual Bazaar is the only place to sell their products this year. And for the buyers it’s a safe and comfortable shopping for quality products. This is how it works: you can see the vendors’ photo/video galleries and choose the way to reach the vendor. The Virtual Bazaar gives you 2 options: the first is to go to the vendors’ social media accounts or online shops, the second is to make a video call to a vendor - on the day of the event the vendors are available on video to show their products, answer the questions, accept the orders. All you need to do is to press either contact/shop or video call button. You don’t have to pay your orders online. And you will not pay multiple deliveries. All purchases will be brought to your doorstep the next day, in 1 package. The Virtual Bazaar is a place supporting local businesses and helping the buyers to enjoy holiday shopping with no risk.

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