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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Virtual Bazaar is a private initiative that began in 2020 as a response to the lockdowns and shutdowns of sectors during the pandemic. As small business owners, we needed a way to keep our businesses afloat during the challenging times. If we felt this way, we only could imagine how many others were also facing the same issues.

With the lack of opportunities to sell in person, businesses were pushed to the online space which was disorganized and unknown for many. Needing a way to sell, we created an online interactive Christmas bazaar which provided a selling opportunity and safe shopping: two separate events, 4 days and 55 vendors. We merged the offline and online worlds: shoppers could see vendors product photos online and meet and talk to them live through a video call with over 700 visitors came to the website during the events.

In January 2021 we further expanded the idea to include 3 main pillars that VB is built on:

o Trusted Vendors Directory: located on our website, trusted vendors are grouped according to product type. They get a landing page with business introduction, all contact and SM links, photo and video products' gallery and a link to the online shop.

o Supportive Community of Jordanian Vendors: VB helps to build up local brands, to make connections with other businesses, to partner and save on advertising and online business tools.

o VB Verification System: each vendor who joins the platform is verified as a TRUSTED VENDOR after the proof of quality of his products and services.

The Virtual Bazaar is an on and off line platform that aims to support local product and businesses as they navigate the crazy business environment. The Virtual Bazaar is a directory for shoppers from Jordan, the region and internationally to buy good quality products from Jordan.

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