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Top 6 shopping Tips for holiday shopping at Christmas Virtual Fair

1. Be Prepared.

Make a list of names of special people who you want to shop, dad, husband, boy/girlfriend, children, friends!

Don't forget to add yourself!

Pop in to before the event and check out the photo galleries from the fabulous vendors. Gifts, clothing, household items, and sweets are all available - we are sure you will find something for everyone on your list.

3. Use the Video Room for Help!

Have a question on size? No problem! Have a question on cost? No problem! Need to order? No problem!

On the website, click on VIDEO CALL button and talk to the vendor face to face! You can do this anytime during the event on Dec 3-4 from 10am -4pm. Don't be shy to press the button to chat.

4. Purchasing is easy! You can pay for all your orders in really easy and convenient ways. Choose from Cash on delivery or through your e-wallet. Ask the vendor what options they offer! Have all your account numbers handy when ready to place your order. 5. One Delivery!

Have no fear, all your purchases will be brought to you in one delivery! When you purchase from more than one vendor, all your packages will be combined and delivered one time, with one delivery fee.

6. Have fun!

This event is new and unique. Don't be shy to meet the vendor. You are not bound to purchase but stop in and say hi. You will enjoy the experience we promise!

Virtual Bazaar Team

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