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Tips for Successful Family Portraits

Updated: Feb 17

Parents, especially moms, love to have their family’s portrait taken – to capture special occasions, different stages within the family or just because! BUT the time up to and including the actual portrait session can be a stressful time resulting in less than picture perfect portraits.

Taking a family portrait does NOT have to be stressful. The session should be relaxed and happy, and an experience that should be enjoyed by the family. These Do’s and Don’ts to pose for your family shoot will help you and your family to make the experience one to remember!

Tips for a successful Family Portrait Session:

· It is up to your photographer to help your family get comfortable, feel relaxed and have a good attitude.

· If you have young children, bring a few of their favorite toys or stuffed animals. Not only will they have something to play with in between shots, it will bring a smile to their faces to share the camera with their favorite toy or character!

· Don’t forget to include your family pet. If you will be bringing your cat or dog, bring some treats to help focus their attention on the camera.

· Your photographer should plan to do posed photos first, while children are less tired and more attentive. After those are finished, your photographer should encourage playful interaction so a few fun shots can be taken.

· You and your family should not be afraid to get close! Show affection – intimate moments can be captured this way.

· Don’t forget to think about where you want to take your photos -what background and mood do you want to convey. Also think about your families clothing and what colors will be worn.

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