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There is No “Away”

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Have you ever wondered, where is your trash going to end up? It was back when I was a teenager, when one day I started thinking where are all these plastic packages going to end up? I remember my grandmother (she was living in a cottage next to the forest) telling how she, before organized recycling system, dropped the garbage right to the forest and I was shocked- how could they do that? While I do not say it was the proper thing to do, the kind of trash back then was definitely different- mainly compostable, cans and some glass, because they were using much more reusable containers than we are now! There was not much plastic around and they would use their own containers getting the goods from the shop.

Where we have become now, is that nearly every day, we have a bag full of plastics to be thrown away. But where is the away? Who is responsible for taking care of the plastic we throw away every day? Do we have to use that amount anyway?

What will happen for example to the plastic bag, after it is being produced (from non-renewable materials), the process itself already polluting the earth, shipped to the locations (another source of pollution), then to the shops and then used by us for some minutes only?

Most plastic is reaching the landfills, where it’s concentrated in one area, but many bags also end up flying to the nature. The issue with the plastic (bag) is that it does not rot down in the nature and poses threat for the animals, birds, fish and plants, as well as overall look of the landscape. We have all heard the “new Jordanian national bird” story and I do not think it is funny at all, rather frustrating.

It is dangerous for us as humans too of course, when pollution is happening to the nature, because nature provides us with everything we need to survive, so if the system is changed in the nature, we are also affected and it can come back to us in the end- everything is connected.

Why should we care and change our habits?

We have always an option to choose, either continue the same way, that is comfortable, or choose a new habit, that can be uncomfortable at the beginning. When I started using my reusable mesh and tote bags, it was definitely uncomfortable, because I had to remember to take them with me before going to shop, then answer questions, why am I using these bags, where to put the labels, etc. But luckily, I did not stop me, because I really want to (and can) choose the option, that I think is better for the environment at the moment. After some time using the bags, me and my friends had an idea of making them by ourselves and since I know how to sew, I started to, and now we have been offering reusable mesh bags for vegetables and fruit shopping since 2017. We have had great feedback from customers who really appreciate our bags and this brings back so much energy in return!

While I hope our small business does make some difference, I am very aware of the extensive environmental issues of our planet and keep on searching options and experimenting, how to make less harm with my existence to Mother Nature, who is quietly suffering. So, while I do have a choice, I choose to take the road that is a bit more uncomfortable, and do my very best at the moment.

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