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Ramadan Treasures: Dates

Ramadan Treasures: Dates....... Part 1

Ramadan is around the corner, and one staple on everyone's Iftar table are Dates. A popular snack item, dates are sought after during Ramadan where this superfood is the preferred item to break the daily fast.

As you bite into your favorite date, you will experience nature’s sweetest and most perfect food along with a taste of history of this divine bounty. Knowing more about this fascinating fruit will enhance your pleasure.

The date palm is the oldest known cultivated tree, and is appreciated for the many blessings it bestows on people across North Africa and the Middle East, into Asia and other hot climates.

The date palm (phoenix dactylifera) is believed to have originated in the Middle East where its majestic trunk and luxurious fronds promised water, shade, rest and food to hungry travelers in arid lands. Palms are flowering trees that fruit at the top, with a single bunch containing as many as a thousand dates. In the right conditions, a single tree might produce as much as 300 Kg of dates. Palms have deep roots capable of reaching water far below the surface. They may grow up to 100 feet and live for more than 200 years. No wonder the date palm has become synonymous with hospitality, long life, fertility and prosperity; the original Tree of Life featured in holy books, folklore, art and architecture throughout the ages is an image of the palm tree.

Dates have been eaten in this region for more than 7,000 years and Al-Baraka Farms is proud to be Jordan’s largest producer of dates today. To see a selection of dates, prepare for Ramadan and delivery straight to your home, visit

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