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National Handmade Day, is marked on the first Saturday in April and recognizes all those who use their creative talents.

Candles, handmade treats, beauty products, jewelry and accessories, books, art, clothing, knit and crochet, decoupage, those who create handmade items are sharing a bit of themselves with you...... and their passion. For anyone who is lucky enough to receive a handmade gift, take delight in these one-of-a-kind treasures.

Here in Jordan, the day was remembered by #yallashoplocal - a movement aimed at supporting local products, businesses and brands. We keep hearing SUPPORT LOCAL but what does it really mean? At its simplest, it means buying from a local store rather than a large retailer. BUT what it really means is all of us coming together to SUPPORT LOCAL products and businesses, both online and offline. The Virtual Bazaar is powering a movement of supporting small businesses that becomes a way of life.

How to Support #yallashoplocal ?

  • Shop your local handmade products and artisans and see their latest offerings.

  • Share your homemade projects for others to admire.

  • Explore the world of handmade products and get to know the faces behind them.

  • Share your favorite finds and use #yallashoplocal to share on social media AND

  • Join the movement! Take the pledge: SUPPORT • SHOP • SHARE

Where can you shop for handmade items?

Handmade businesses may or may not have a storefront while many of them are exclusively online. Start by visiting to find local businesses in one place – use the directory to shop by category and find new, unique and specially curated vendors.

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