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Mother's Day VB Boutique

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Everyone loves to receive a gift...that's a fact of life! Some might say that they don't expect or need a gift, but the look on their faces when they are handed a wrapped box says it all !

Mothers, in particular, are not only happy to get a present from their children, they often get emotional and receive it with tears in their eyes.

If you are looking for a special gift for your mother and she is interested in reading. Do consider the book Age Power Embracing 60 & Onward. Some light reading about funny anecdotes and personal experiences after turning 60.

You will find this book not only in bookshops but also at the Mother's Day VB Boutique among many other carefully chosen collection of items: candles, accessories, unique gift baskets and much more all by local businesses.

Don't miss on dropping by the

Mother's Day VB Boutique

March 10-11 at Books@cafe


From 10 am to 6pm

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