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Mother's Day Boutique 2022

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The Virtual Bazaar's Mother's Day Boutique 2022 was an event full of feel-good vibes, unique items and local businesses empowered. For two consecutive days, March 10-11, the Virtual Bazaar provided their trusted vendors with the opportunity to display their creations in a cozy atmosphere at Books@Cafe in Abdoun.

Most of the buyers visited the boutique with the thought of finding an original gift for their mothers,aunts or mother figures. It was clear that most of them couldn't resist including something for themselves as well ! The variety of items, set on the tables and the charm of the vendors made it hard to leave with just one thing in hand!

The tables provided eye catching items like handmade spiritual and luxury candles, natural handcrafted soap, organic skincare.....all elegantly wrapped to provide happy feelings. Handsewn and unique kimonos, beautiful linen tablecloths,napkins and scarves, embroidery on bags, towels, jackets and wooden dolls were all a feast to the eyes. Moreover, hand-made jewelry had a strong presence in the boutique. Clay earrings, colorful Greek gems transformed into artistic pieces, vintage earrings, necklaces and bracelets and the accessories created from stones cleaned with sea salt and charged with Reiki energy would put a smile on anyone's face. Hand Painted clay pots, personalized wood letters and delicious fudge treats were great choices for special gifts too.

It must be mentioned that the presence of charity work by the vendors was touching. The proceeds of one table was directed to a local non profit organization while another vendor sold handmade items or organic soap handcrafted by refugees and local women.

May all mothers receive loving gifts!

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