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Joyful Month: Ramadan

When we talk about one of the best months of the year , then we are talking about RAMADAN . It is considered the most joyful month, and it ends with the greatest celebration of all, Eid al-Fitr .

An integral part of preparing for Ramadan in many Muslim countries is decorating, such as some minor home improvements, painting rooms, buying new furnishings, and interior decorating. Streets in most Muslim countries are also famously and beautifully decorated with Fanoos (lanterns). Making the bed with fancy bedding, beautiful flower bouquet for the dining tables along with Fanoos , moon and star sets are very common and traditional way families decorate for Ramadan. and this is still practiced in homes and at Eid al-Fitr gatherings.

Fanoos Ramadan and others are crafted in a special way, you can hang them throughout the windows and balconies , on ropes across alleyways , as centerpieces and wall décor.

Each accessory has its own symbol and meanings. For example, the Fanoos indicates a symbol of hope to light the way from the darkness while the moon signifies the beginning and end of fasting. The star and crescent is another. This is sometimes seen at the top of a mosque, and is a commonly known symbol relating to Islam. The five pointed star reflects the five pillars of Islam which are central of faith and greatness of the creator.

One of the main reasons Muslim moms and families decorate their homes is to help their children learn and understand the importance of the month, and to instill love in their hearts for the blessed month.

So altogether, the divine month of Ramadan is full of rewards and blessings. It removes the veil of worldly desires from our minds and hearts and restores our faith in kindness and empathy.

Ramadan Kareem

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