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Imposter Syndrome In Business

You feel your product is not good enough? You keep learning and learning but still don’t feel good enough ? You always feel that others are doing better and their products are nicer? Welcome Imposter Syndrome. Good news is that Einstein had it too 😉

What you need to know:

- it will not stop but itself

- many business owners have it

- it influences not only business but personal life too

- YOU ARE OK as all is good with you except for YOUR THOUGHT of not being good.

What to do to overcome it?

- look back at your journey and find out what good things happened and what good things you did that helped you to build up your business and create your products.

- what are your strengths that helped you to be where you are now

- compare yourself to yourself, not others

- go out there and reach people with your products and services and ask them to give you a feedback!


Write in the comments if you recognize this syndrome and how you overcome it )

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