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Generation Gap.... A Few Thoughts!

Updated: May 18, 2022

When we talk about the generation gap, many things come to mind. The gap between my parents and I was big ...the gap between myself and my kids grew bigger, but oh...oh...oh the gap between my generation and the grandkids is tremendous!

It is great to know that the development and improvement in most crucial sectors of our being is going tremendously fast ! Well done young inventors and scientists...but the question remains ,where does this leave us (the older generation) ?

Let me tell you, we feel awkward, we feel left out but mostly we feel proud when we see the kids going about their tasks using new vocabulary and navigating their laptops so smoothly!

I, personally am particularly proud of the creative people who have made a career or a business out of their passions. Look at the vendors who sell amazing products through the Virtual Bazaar! They are driven people who follow their dreams and use the best ways to promote unique products. It's a long way from the times hard-working men and women used to go from door to door to sell whatever they can carry on their backs or stack in their cars!

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