What is VB

The Virtual Bazaar is an on- and off- line platform that aims to support local product and businesses as they navigate the crazy business environment. Joining together to share costs, knowledge and under one umbrella for buyers to find trusted vendors with good quality products. VB offers a variety of benefits for business owners who join the Platform. 

Our focus in on the people behind the brand. We work closely to get to know the story that each brand represents and to support the businesses efforts as they develop, grow and tell their story.  For instance, we have a teacher who is a passionate jewelry maker at night and donates part of her purchases to refugee families, we have a candle maker who donates proceeds to the Cancer foundation as her sister passed away from cancer, and we have a project of Bedouin women in the South of Jordan who weave gorgeous bags from sweaters that have been unwoven, washed and then weaved on traditional looms and we have more. 
Our vendors are small business owners of multiple nationalities, young business owners to older ages, primarily women, a few men, NGOs and private organizations, members who work a day job and their business with us is their passion.  We feature a wide variety of products ranging from books, art, handmade items, soap and skincare, gifts, clothing, accessories, jewelry, services, and luxury products.  The common thread amongst this diverse group is that we are all creators of local products, owners of local businesses in Jordan working for Jordan. 

As of today, VB has 90+ vendors on board with additional vendors being added weekly. 

Our plans for 2022-2023 include developing the platform further with the focus on Trusted Vendors Directory and Online Store as the important tools for small businesses development, adding more offline events, easier selling practices, expanding trusted vendor status, international connections to advertise and sell products from Jordan and adding educational content to develop skills and experiences for both online and offline events.

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Joining the Virtual Bazaar: Benefits and Value

  1. Your Business Listing in ONE category of the Trusted Vendors Directory 

  2. Personal Consultation/Business Mentoring - 1 session 

  3. A dedicated landing page (Showroom) for your business on the Virtual Bazaar website. The page's link will include your business name. Use this page as your Business Website to showcase your products, special offers, seasonal deals. The page is FULLY OPERATED by our team - you don't need to spend time on it 

  4. Access to our International Shipping Service 

  5. Social Media support 

  6. Educational content 

  7. Special pricing at our offline events

  8. VB Network access - benefits and offers from other members of the network 

Standard Package - 120 JD/year

Additional Services and Tools

  1. VB Online Store Access - up to 20 products displayed in our online store - 70 JOD/year (no sales commission) OR 10% sales commission only.

  2. Additional categories listings (in the Directory) - 10 JOD/each per year

  3. Start-up media package - 12 professional product photos + short video - 70 JOD (value 150 JOD)



1. Exposure of your products and brand - The Virtual Bazaar website received more than 10,000 unique site visits since we opened in October 2020 and it's just the beginning. Our Facebook Ads reach is more than 125k within the period of 28 days, with almost 7000 post engagements.

2. Easier to be found - Buyers will reach your Instagram or Facebook account faster from the Virtual Bazaar website. With time, the Trusted Vendors Directory will become a map helping to navigate shoppers in the online world.

3. Our Vendors' Network is a great supportive community.

4. Your brand's image - Virtual Bazaar's verification seal is a proof of good quality products and services, that bring more trust to your brand.