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JOIN the VB: Video

What is VB

According to our 2023 Statement Virtual Bazaar is a Community of small local businesses joining together to share costs and knowledge and to support each other. All our members are listed in the Vendors Directory that helps to navigate in the online world when searching for the high quality local products and services.

We share the costs that any small business has to carry, such as a website where each member has his own page, an online store, Social Media promotion, offline events (bazaars, boutiques, markets, kiosks, etc), education (workshops, classes, etc), international shipping.


We get discounts from the business suppliers and event planners and special terms from the events' locations.


We collaborate with media, embassies, NGO's to build more connections and bring more exposure to our brands.


Each member is committed to the community success as this is what helps every participant to succeed too.

As of today, VB hosts 100+ vendors with new members being added monthly. 

Our plans for 2023:

- developing the Vendors Directory further and making it more visible for local and international market

- upgrading the Online Store 

- adding educational events for our members

- organizing workshops run by our vendors 


You can join our community if:

- your products are locally made OR locally designed 

- the products and services are good quality

- you are dedicated to your business, want it to develop and ready to work for it

- you are ready to commit to the community by being its active participant

NOTE: FOOD vendors can only join if they sell packed food such as sweets, snacks, drinks. 


By joining the VB Community you consent our 2023 Statement, accept the terms and agree to the Community rules.

JOIN the VB: Welcome
JOIN the VB: Vendors
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Joining the Virtual Bazaar: Benefits and Value

  1. Your Business Listing in ONE category of the Trusted Vendors Directory 

  2. Personal Consultation/Business Mentoring - 1 session 

  3. A dedicated landing page (Showroom) for your business on the Virtual Bazaar website. The page's link will include your business name. Use this page as your Business Website to showcase your products, special offers, seasonal deals. The page is FULLY OPERATED by our team - you don't need to spend time on it 

  4. Access to our International Shipping Service 

  5. Social Media support 

  6. Educational content 

  7. Special pricing at our offline events

  8. VB Network access - benefits and offers from other members of the network 

Standard Package - 120 JD/year

Additional Services and Tools

  1. VB Online Store Access - up to 20 products displayed in our online store - 70 JOD/year (no sales commission) OR 10% sales commission only.

  2. Additional categories listings (in the Directory) - 10 JOD/each per year

  3. Start-up media package - 12 professional product photos + short video - 70 JOD (value 150 JOD)

By joining the VB Community you consent our 2023 Statement, accept the terms and agree to the Community rules.

JOIN the VB: Text


1. Exposure of your products and brand - The Virtual Bazaar website received more than 10,000 unique site visits since we opened in October 2020 and it's just the beginning. Our Facebook Ads reach is more than 125k within the period of 28 days, with almost 7000 post engagements.

2. Easier to be found - Buyers will reach your Instagram or Facebook account faster from the Virtual Bazaar website. With time, the Trusted Vendors Directory will become a map helping to navigate shoppers in the online world.

3. Our Vendors' Network is a great supportive community.

4. Your brand's image - Virtual Bazaar's verification seal is a proof of good quality products and services, that bring more trust to your brand.

By joining the VB Community you consent our 2023 Statement, accept the terms and agree to the Community rules.

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