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About VB

What is Virtual Bazaar Jordan?

Virtual Bazaar is the space to find VERIFIED LOCAL BRANDS and high quality Jordanian products from small businesses, known as VB COMMUNITY. Currently we have about 100 community members.

Why Virtual? Because the majority of community members are online businesses, they don't have physical shops. ​

ONLINE you can find them through our Directory and reach them directly.

Or shop online from them in our Online Store.

OFFLINE find their products at our Events (PopUp Boutiques and  Markets). We run events in Amman regularly,

where you can meet the vendors and see their products in real and know people behind the brands.

In November 2021 Virtual Bazaar was recognized as one of those who channel their efforts into creating resourceful platforms to promote high-quality local products to a broader audience, according to a statement from Her Majesty’s office (source).

Our VENDORS' VERIFICATION process guarantees the quality of their products and services.

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Yalla Banner.jpeg

VB Mission

VB Community Mission is bringing attention to small local businesses, talented Jordanian artisans and crafters, whose products are often underrated. We inspire people to shop from small local brands and find locations and opportunities for the vendors to introduce and sell their products both locally an internationally.

VB Vision

Small Local brands can only develop and grow in collaboration with others. VB community, as a source of collaboration and partnership, brings significant benefits to its members, such as sharing costs, learning, getting experience. 

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Our Supporters and Collaborators

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